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Linux vs Windows, Find out Linux or Windows is best fit for requirement

When users are having question about whether Linux or Windows is best for them, and they need helps to make decision whether to use Linux or Windows. Here we are going to explore Linux v/s Windows for several factor such as when to learn, career opportunity, hardware cost, software cost, license cost, clone cost, protection against virus, ease of use, flexibility etc. so the user can make a decision about to use Windows or Linux Training.

When to Learn: -
Kids start using windows when they go to the pre-school at the age of 3 to 5 year to play the education game. Some kids start using windows in middle school for homework. Windows operating system becomes part of our life.
While most of the time person starts learning Linux when it is required by the circumstances such as office, where they work running business application on open source software. Software engineers are learning Linux during their college education. Some people are learning Linux if they want to work in the cloud compu…