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Linux vs Windows, Find out Linux or Windows is best fit for requirement

When users are having question about whether Linux or Windows is best for them, and they need helps to make decision whether to use Linux or Windows. Here we are going to explore Linux v/s Windows for several factor such as when to learn, career opportunity, hardware cost, software cost, license cost, clone cost, protection against virus, ease of use, flexibility etc. so the user can make a decision about to use Windows or Linux Training.

When to Learn: -

Kids start using windows when they go to the pre-school at the age of 3 to 5 year to play the education game. Some kids start using windows in middle school for homework. Windows operating system becomes part of our life.

While most of the time person starts learning Linux when it is required by the circumstances such as office, where they work running business application on open source software. Software engineers are learning Linux during their college education. Some people are learning Linux if they want to work in the cloud computing environment as Linux is an essential operating system in cloud computing.

IT professionals such as Windows Server Engineer, Database Administrator, and System Administrator Linux System Administration to keep them with the market and become valuable assets for their organization.

It make sense to know Linux and Learn Linux as it use is growing and Linux is also offering GUI (Graphical User Interface) so users can easily execute several task without using command line.

Hardware Cost:-

Hardware cost has major contribution in the total cost of the system. Hardware includes processor, RAM, hard drive space, USP ports, CD/ DVD drive, and other ports such as HDMI, VGA etc.

Ubuntu recommended 700 MHz processor, 512 MB RAM, 5 GB Hard disk space, VGA capable of 1024x768 screen resolution, CD/DVD drive or USA port, for desktop edition of Ubuntu.

Microsoft has recommended 1 GHz processor, 1 GB (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit) RAM, Hard disk space 16 GB (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit), Graphics card Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver for Windows 8.

Looking at above requirement you can realize that Linux Ubuntu Desktop edition required low end hardware specification compared to Windows 8.

License Cost:-

Linux is an Open Source Operating System, so users don’t have to pay for using Linux hey can install Linux and use Linux for the personal as well as commercial; while Windows is owned by Microsoft so for either personal or commercial use users have to pay for windows.

Users can install Linux on as many desktops, servers as they want; while Windows license is for single computer, and for multiple server users have to buy license.

Antivirus, internet security software cost:-

Compare to Windows, Linux operating system is safe against malware, virus, hacker’s attack and other internet threat. User can rely on Linux operating system and surf the internet without using antivirus software.

Windows users are always having a fear of malware, virus and hackers attack if they are not using trusted antivirus software such as Norton, Kasper sky etc. which could performance issues and require constant update and maintenance.

So, Windows users have to pay for antivirus software which can provide protection against virus, malware, and hacker’s attack.

Clone Cost: - Linux can be cloned multiple times without paying for software, means you can install Linux on as many servers or desktop as you want. For windows users have to pay for each installation of windows on workstation/server/CPU.

Software Cost: -  Linux is an open source operating system, and supports other open sources software’s such as Apache Web Server, MySQL for database server, Ruby on rail frame work etc. All there open source software can be run without any license cost on Linux.

While for the Windows, users have to pay for SQL server database server License fee, and IIS web server with the Windows server software.

System Up Time: - Linux does not need rebooting when you change any setting or re-configure your Network. Windows need rebooting when you change any setting or re-configure your Network. So the organizations can expect 99.999% up time for the application running on Linux Operating System.

Flexibility: - Linux can be customized and flexible for developers compare to windows. There are plenty of restrictions that limit what you can do to the Windows. Open Source programmers and users have freedom of customizing the programs on Linux for applications.
Linux is distributed by several companies such as Red Hat, Ubuntu, Suse, and Oracle. Organization can choose the Linux flavor best for their needs. Windows is offer by Microsoft, so windows users have no choice except Microsoft.

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Congratulate President Obama, and make a change!

What a wonderful day for USA, and exiting day around the world. To-day, January 21, 2013 is America's 57th inauguration of the President of the United States. President, Barack Obama sworn in on Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday. President Obama said "America's possibilities are limitless….” President Obama has promise progress for the next four years."

Let us congratulate, President Obama, and be innovative for our future and and make a change!
Beyonce National Anthem at inaugural ceremony. 

Dream Career to work at the place of choice

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Thanks Giving deal 80% OFF for Linux Training

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Veteran benefits | Linux Training | IcanXplore | Online Linux Training

IcanXplore respect the sacrifice of the veteran of the United State of America, and salute them. IcanXplore would like to  contribute to the community. Following courses are completely free for veteran and veteran family members. Feel free to  contact us any time for any question.

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Diwali deal | Linux Training

IcanXplore - learn from any corner is wishing happy Diwali to everyone. Share Diwali deal with friends, family members and bring lights in their life. Stay tune with us at

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